Effective October 2019
This is not a Scam

The Logan County Sheriff's Office entered into a contract with the collection agency Advent Financial Systems (Pay My Jailer) to provide several convenient options to pay outstanding jail fee's. Please do not call Logan County for this matter - click here for more information 

Effective Immediately October 3, 2019
Logan County will NO LONGER be offering Work Release!! Questions on this can directed to Vicki Taylor or Jason Matthews.

Effective September 12th, 2019

When requesting any form of records from the Sheriff's Office, a pre-payment of $10 for Search / Retrieval fee is required.

Logan County Sheriff's Office
110 N Riverview Rd Rm 116
Sterling, CO 80751
(970) 522-2578 Office
(970) 522-7574 Fax
Phone Options
1 = Administration / Civil Process
2 = Investigations
3 = Sex Offender Registration
4 = Detention Center / Inmate Information
5 = Victims Advocate
6 = Records Department
7 = Transport Department

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